Glastonbury Square Dance Club​​​

WELCOME To Glastonbury Square Dance Club

Welcome, we are the Glastonbury Square Dance Club. We are a FUN group of people looking forward to meeting You , Come see what square Dancing Is all about
Why Square Dance? …..because It’s basically the coolest hobby on the planet. 
You'll exercise ..and have fun doing it….easy to reach your 10,000 step goal on your fitbit !!! 
You 'll think….you can't believe how much you have to use your Brain to dance ..this is like playing Simon Says ..while dancing… 
the music is good …modern day music ..that we all listen to…. 
the best part Is ...you meet a lot of great people..Have a lot of great laughs ….and make a lot of great memories…come see what I'm talking about….

​Starting Lessons soon - 

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